Dec. 4, 2020

Can the Buccaneers Secure the Coveted 5th Seed in the Playoffs?

Can the Buccaneers Secure the Coveted 5th Seed in the Playoffs?
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With Saints all but locking up the NFC South title for the 2020 season, that leaves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the hunt for one of the three wildcard spots in the new expanded NFL playoff brackets. The Bucs are in a good position to nab at least one of those three, but of the three, the 5th seed is the most coveted. Ren breaks down all the numbers and what has to happen with the rest of the teams also in the hunt for the Bucs to secure that spot. Plus we'll talk a little Playoff Bracket like "What if the Bucs have to face the Saints for the NFC Championship?" and more.

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