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July 29, 2016

Bonus Content 3 - HARDLOVE Listening Party & Review

Bonus Content 3 - HARDLOVE Listening Party & Review

Celebrating the newest album by NeedToBreathe

In this Bonus Content Episode, your host, Brent Allen is joined by fellow Bucs fan Mike Morgan to discuss the new album by NeedtoBreathe, HARDLOVE.  They discuss their personal fandoms of NeedToBreathe, and break down the positives and negatives of each track on the album, from the rockin' party song "Great Night" to the slowed down beautiful love song "Let's Stay Home Tonight."  They even get a little Bucs' football talk in there too. 

And Brent reveals his personal theory about the meaning of this entire album.  Listen and see if you agree.  

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As a reminder, Bonus Content Episodes are a chance for Bucs fans to explore other fandoms, tackle issues that may not fit into the main show, or respond immediately to news of the day that won't hold until the next episode.  


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Go Bucs!

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