The PewterCast

The PewterCast

This is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fan Made Talk Show now in it's fifth season. Join your hosts, comedian Brent Allen and the '76er Ren Daxt, for three shows per week during the season! Beginning with the wildly popular PewterCast, LIVE; the original Post Game live call in show with callers from around the world, where we discuss the game and give our Instant reactions. Midweek we'll bring in a special guest celebrity to talk Buccaneers football with. And to wrap up the week is our Buc'In the News show, where we cover all the stories that came out over the course of the week, take a look at the injury reports and see how this all might influence the upcoming game. You'll get a lot of content with us, and give you the most complete coverage of your favorite team and ours.

About the Hosts

Ren Daxt


Steve Carney