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The Perspicax /ˈper.spi.kaks/

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The Perspicax {Episode 29} : Favourite Go To Places In Toronto

June 13, 2021

In this episode we reminisce on some of our favorite places to go in our beautiful city, stemming f…

The Perspicax {Episode 30 : "Burnout" with special guest Dr. Tanisha Guy}

June 12, 2021

Dr Tanisha Guy is a therapist with over 20 years of working in the mental health field. This week s…

The Perspicax {Episode 28: The Workplace Jungle}

May 29, 2021

Day by day, we go through the usual routine. Wake up, go through traffic get to work and give up 8 …

The Perspicax {Episode 27 : When We Grow Up}

May 22, 2021

Remember when you were younger and you saw your older siblings or parents doing stuff they said "yo…

The Perspicax {Episode 26 : Single Parent Households}

May 16, 2021

Single parenting can come with some real advantages and challenges. With more children being raised…

The Perspicax {Episode 25: Supporting Black Caregivers ft The Black Parent Support Group}

May 8, 2021

In this episode we welcome Colin & Sherron Grant as they share their journey with us. The Black Par…