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Dec. 4, 2022

188 Do These Three Things To Protect Yourself From A Narcissist

Have you ever wondered why manipulators prefer certain types of people to abuse? They will look for a few common traits that man…

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Nov. 27, 2022

Epi. 187 Five Ways To Start Living, Not Just Existing

Do you feel like you're just existing and not living your life to the fullest? In this episode, I go into greater depth about 5 w…

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Nov. 19, 2022

Epi. 186 How to Stop Others From Taking Over Your Life

Do you always go out of your way to help others? In this episode, I'll show you how to stop others from taking over your life in …

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Nov. 11, 2022

Epi. 185 Recovering From Trauma: The Polyvagal Theory

Elite Coaches Series Presents : Megan Schnetzer is a trauma survivor turned certified trauma-informed coach who works at the Heal…

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Oct. 31, 2022

Epi 184 How Transformational Breathwork Healed My Trauma | Madeleine …

Elite Coaches Series Presents: Madeleine Eames, a trauma therapist and chronic pain specialist, shares her truly inspirational st…

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Oct. 15, 2022

Epi 183 Chronic Pain: It's Not In Your Head

Have you ever been told that your pain is all in your head? It's more complicated than that when we consider how it affects our c…

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Oct. 8, 2022

Epi.182 How to Break Your Addiction For Good

Elite Coaches Series Do you struggle with an addiction? Nowadays, having too much of something is a bad thing. Even supposedly he…

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Oct. 2, 2022

Ep. 181 Three Things You Should Know About "The Cycle of Abuse"

In this episode, I discuss why empaths who are abused typically struggle to break free. I learned about three distinct stages and…

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Sept. 22, 2022

Epi.180 What Happens When The Narcissist Dies?

This Episode is part of The Elite Coaches Series Have you ever wondered what happens after a narcissist dies? In this episode, we…

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Sept. 20, 2022

Epi. 179 EMDR Therapy: Through the Eyes of an Empath

At first look, EMDR appears to take an unconventional approach to psychological disorders. It does not rely on medicine or talk t…

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Sept. 11, 2022

Epi.178 Why Do We Suffer and How Can We Overcome It?

It is not the suffering that defines us, it is how we overcome it. We all suffer in life, we are not immune to pain and suffering…

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Sept. 3, 2022

#177 Three Things You MUST Know About Keeping Healthy Boundaries

Let's face it, setting boundaries is challenging for anyone, especially if you've never done it before. Boundaries are the belief…

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Aug. 28, 2022

Ep.176 How to Rebuild a Healthy Relationship After Trauma | Emily San…

How do you build a healthy relationship after trauma? In this episode we talk about healthy relationships and why it isn’t always…

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Aug. 21, 2022

Ep.175 Are You Living or Just Existing?

In this episode, I go into detail on giving yourself permission to live the life you want to live in this episode. I've encounter…

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Aug. 14, 2022

Epi.174 Five Things Empaths MUST Know To Survive & Thrive

In this episode, I'll discuss five things that any empath should be aware of, particularly given the times we live in. I ask my c…

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Aug. 6, 2022

Epi.173 The Dark Secrets of Scapegoating in Narcissistic Families

My next guest talk about his Emotional Abuse survivor Marvin T believes family scapegoating is the closest humans get to eating t…

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July 31, 2022

Ep.172 Three Most Common Manipulation Tactics Used By Narcissists You…

The three distinct stages when narcissists use to manipulate others. People generally use manipulation to further their agendas,…

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July 29, 2022

Ep.171 What Lurks Beneath The Narcissist's Mask |Nova Gibson

The next episode will go into full depth about how to detect narcissists, what lies beneath their mask, and how to protect yourse…

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July 23, 2022

Epi. 170 This Is Why Empaths & Narcissists Are Attracted To Each Other

Many Empaths seem to attracts narcissist But it's worth considering if opposites attract?Narcissists favor taking, whereas empat…

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July 16, 2022

Epi.169 The Top 5 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

Have you ever asked yourself what's holding you back in life? Why is it such a struggle for so many of us to reach our goals espe…

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July 9, 2022

Epi.168 Four Hard Truths Every Empath Must Know

It's undeniable that our world has changed in 2022. Everyone around appears to be absorbed in their phones and disconnected from …

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July 5, 2022

Epi. 167 How To Break Free of Toxic Patterns & Relationships In Your …

In this episode we will discuss ways to stop generational trauma and how to break free from toxic patterns. Can we retrain our br…

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June 27, 2022

Epi.166 How Do You Know If You Are Highly Sensitive Person?

How do you really know if you are a highly sensitive person? Have others ever told you that you are overly "sensitive" and on hig…

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June 20, 2022

Ep.165 Five Survival Tips All Empaths Must Know For 2022

In this episode, I dive more into how to survive in these difficult times.Our energy is depleted when we pay attention to the new…

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