March 26, 2023

Episode 197 Five Ways To STOP Over-Giving & Start Receiving

Episode 197 Five Ways To STOP Over-Giving & Start Receiving
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"Ask and you shall receive" But many Empaths continue to over-give to avoid some type of conflict or just stuck in pattern. In this episode, I discuss five ways to get what you truly desire in life. We empaths have a tendency to be givers. Sometimes we do this to gain acceptance or validation from a loved one. When we consistently give, we can end up in a very bad place. This can not only effect our mental state but also our physical health. In a relationship, a giver is someone who takes into account what the other person wants and needs. A healthy relationship should go both ways and should not feel like an obligated to receive something in return. Do you wonder how you can make a difference in the lives of others? In this episode, I'll show you five ways to start getting what you want. Tune in!

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Intro Voice Credit: Jillian Turecki


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