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Oct. 8, 2022

Epi.182 How to Break Your Addiction For Good

Epi.182 How to Break Your Addiction For Good
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Elite Coaches Series

Do you struggle with an addiction? Nowadays, having too much of something is a bad thing. Even supposedly healthy activities, such as working exercise or overworking, can be bad. As Empaths, we tend to seek out undesirable habits to cope with prior traumas, such as excessive drinking. In this episode, we discuss what to do about it and how to break your cycle of addiction. Dr. Robb Kelly, PhD, my next guest, is a sought-after recovery expert who believes in treating the causes of addiction rather than the symptoms.

Dr. Kelly has appeared on such shows as The Doctors, Eye Opener, Good Morning Texas, and Kens5 morning news.  A frequent contributor to radio and print interviews including The Jim Bohannon show, Miracles in Recovery, USA Today,and participated in McLean Hospital’s (Harvard Medical School)study on the stigma associated with mental illness. Dr. Kelly hosted Sober Celebs show on KLIF radioin Dallas, and currently hosts theBreaking Through Addictionpodcast featuring special guest discussing a variety of mental health issues.

 Dr Kelly is currently the CEO of the Robb Kelly Recovery Group, an addiction and mental illness recovery coaching company he created based on extensive research and behaviour studies that he conducted over the past 20 years. Dr. Kelly shares his personal highs and lows as he struggled and overcame crippling alcoholism in the November 2019 release of the book “Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking”.

Contact: Robb Kelly, PhD

Robb Kelly Recovery Group








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