Feb. 26, 2023

Epi. 193 Five Things You Should Know Before Ending A Relationship

Epi. 193 Five Things You Should Know Before Ending A Relationship

When is it reasonable to end a relationship? I will talk about some indicators and observations to help you decide when it's time to leave a relationship and make a smooth exit before it's too late.

In this episode, I discuss one-sided relationships and red flags to watch out for. We Empaths have a tendency to give everything in exchange for a little. However, this always results in a breakup. The sad part is most people will end up staying in the relationship regardless how the other person treats them.  In this episode, I discuss red flags to look for and what to do before even starting a relationship. It's difficult for empaths to be in a relationship, but there are ways to make it work for the longterm. It all starts with being okay with letting people walk away who clearly take advantage of you.  This goes for all relationships including family and friends. The truth is that if someone isn't capable, it's best to walk away sooner than later. You will save yourself a lot of disappointment. Tune in! 



*Intro Credit: laurennicole

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