Oct. 31, 2022

Epi 184 How Transformational Breathwork Healed My Trauma | Madeleine Eames

Epi 184 How Transformational Breathwork Healed My Trauma | Madeleine Eames

Elite Coaches Series Presents: 

Madeleine Eames, a trauma therapist and chronic pain specialist, shares her truly inspirational story.—after discovering she was an empath, everything made sense. Madeleine began to understand not only herself and her clients, but also why it was so difficult to get unstuck, set boundaries, achieve goals, and heal anxiety. She discovered Transformational Breathwork, developing courses, meditations, and programs for empaths.  She was teaching yoga and breathwork for years and even writing a book about it, she had never heard of it! Don't miss this episode! Check out her links below: 

Madeleine story: https://tinybuddha.com/blog/how-anxiety-became-my-guide-not-my-enemy/

Madeleine is launching a 6-month program The Alive Empath that begins in December. It incorporates great weekly teachings and monthly coaching/breathwork as well as Q & A sessions with a Chronic Pain physician. THIS is info every empath with chronic pain needs to know to get out of the cycle of disappointment and fatigue.

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