Oct. 15, 2022

Epi 183 Chronic Pain: It's Not In Your Head

Epi 183 Chronic Pain: It's Not In Your Head
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Have you ever been told that your pain is all in your head? It's more complicated than that when we consider how it affects our complete body and mind. I was seeking for someone who is an expert in this field of study, not just anyone. This episode dives deep into chronic pain and how to cope with it.  My next guest Dr. Anna Redmond is a trained clinical psychologist, who specializes in chronic pain, and a chronic pain educator.  If you know of anyone in chronic pain please share this episode. 

Check out :  Links.drannaredmond.com is the best place to go to see everything Dr. Redmond has to offer.  There, you can sign up for my weekly newsletter, full of education around chronic pain that you actually want coming to your inbox.  Plus, you'll be the first to find out about new offerings and get announcements.drannaredmond.com/journal

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