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March 12, 2022

Ep.149 How to Let Go of Resentment and Embrace Yourself

Ep.149 How to Let Go of Resentment and Embrace Yourself

In this episode we talk about how to let go resentment and how to love yourself. My next guest Kathryn Greenberg talks her journey of healing as a way to show those who may be struggling that their life is worth living.   Kathryn’s unique approach is informed and inspired by the time she spends working with people in very difficult circumstances – jails and courts, homeless shelters, residential treatment centers, and human service agencies. Kathryn discovered that within those individuals, living in terrific pain and struggle, lies a store of inner strength, which when mindfully accessed, can liberate them from the darkest of places. Don't miss it! 

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Website: https://www.kathryngreenberg.com/ 

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