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Jan. 2, 2022

Ep.133 Take Charge of Your Life and Crush Your Goals 2022

Ep.133 Take Charge of Your Life and Crush Your Goals 2022

My next guest Gentry Jones is a small town sober single mom that battled a love hate relationship with alcohol for 10 years before shortly after turning 30 she didn't want to bring alcohol into this decade.  She worked several years in the accounting industry then decided to step away from corporate to focus on helping people level up their lives.  She now provides people with hope, humor, inspiration and help them achieve their fitness, budgeting and mindset goals. Gentry is also an advocate for the sober community by selling AF Squared (Alcohol Free AF) apparel.

"I know we are all capable of achieving our dreams. We just gotta allow ourselves to embrace that fire in our belly that confidently believes seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing." 

Instagram - Gentry | Sober Single Mom (@lifewithgentry) • Instagram photos and videos  

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