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May 30, 2021

#86 How Introverts Can Survive in a World of Extroverts| Jo Rawbone

#86 How Introverts Can Survive in a World of Extroverts| Jo Rawbone

Do you like spending time by yourself? Is a little get-together your ideal celebration rather than a major night out with friends? What exactly is the distinction between extroverts and introverts? What are the many types? In this episode, we discuss introvert fatigue and how to avoid it, as well as a lot more! Furthermore, being an introvert is no longer a source of embarrassment. It's quite ok to be introverted. Jo Rawbone, my guest, is a TEDx Speaker who helps introverts thrive without pretending to be someone they aren't.

"Truth is we prefer a small circle of friends and reserved until we not. If we connect you matter"

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