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May 23, 2021

#85 Survival and Neuroscience: The Mental Health Paradigm Shift | Danielle West

#85 Survival and Neuroscience: The Mental Health Paradigm Shift | Danielle West

Trauma can remain latent in our bodies for a long time, buried deep within our subconscious. The trauma's energy is then held in our bodies' tissues until it may be released through various techniques. In this episode, we delve more into the topic of electromagnetism and transgenerational trauma, including how the brain alters survival messages. We also discuss how standard therapies are only a band-aid to cover up the fundamental source of the problem in the broken western medical system.

Danielle West, MA, LPC, EMDR CIT, is TRI's Clinical Director and a vocal advocate for a mental health paradigm shift. She has spent decades, both emotionally and professionally, battling with trauma and dissociation. Danielle West, MA LPC EMDR CIT, is the Clinical Director of TRI and an outspoken proponent of a mental health paradigm shift. She has spent decades coping with trauma and dissociation, both personally and professionally. Mrs. West practice is located in Cedar Park TX , and her Trauma Detox program is a component based psychotherapy that utilizes the Trauma Model approach, Poly Vagal theory, Cognitive neuro-science, DBT, and EMDR. She focuses on the brain’s neurobiology, and the energy waves that activate our DNA thus influencing thought, behavior, mental illness, and disease. Check Danielle West website:  https://www.traumadetox.com/

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