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March 15, 2021

#75 Life After Sexual Abuse: Breaking The Silence | Tim Mousseau

#75 Life After Sexual Abuse: Breaking The Silence | Tim Mousseau

My guest in this episode Tim Mousseau is a survivor of sexual violence turned educator and advocate on this important topic. At the age of 22, Tim was faced with an incident of sexual assault. On top of this, Tim had to manage the stresses of work placement sexual harassment from his boss who used Tim’s experiences as a survivor to exert toxic control. Coming to terms with his experience, Tim recognized the feeling of powerlessness. And he vowed no one else should ever feel the same way.

For the last nine years, Tim has spoken with over 400 organizations including members of Congress, the US Air Force, and Fortune 500 companies across the world on the topic of sexual violence and harassment prevention. Tim’s work now centers on the idea that everyone deserves to feel safe. In our relationships, in our organizations, and in our communities.


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