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Dec. 25, 2020

#59 From Abuse & Addiction to Guinness World Record Triathlete | Shangrila Rendon (Bonus)

#59 From Abuse & Addiction to Guinness World Record Triathlete | Shangrila Rendon (Bonus)
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This bonus episode is a true comeback story that is characterized by overcoming all odds in the face of challenge. My guest Shangrila Rendon, Guinness World Record holder, best selling author, professional athlete, triathlon/endurance coach and motivational speaker, recently made her 2nd World Record for most Ironman-distance Triathlons completed by a woman in a short period by finishing twenty three 140.6-mile triathlon races (full Ironman-distance) in 34 days while raising money for charity to empower and support women, children and individuals with PTSD.

*Shangrila was featured in news (FOX, NBC, CBS, and international news), NY Times, Triathlete & Outside and other sport-focused magazines, radio talk shows and podcasts.

Guinness World Record Holder (2015) | Professional Ultra Triathlete | Endurance/Triathlon Coach | CEO, Founder & Head Coach of Feisty Fox Coaching | Swim video analyst, Running gait expert, Injury prevention specialist. Check out her website below: 


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