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Nov. 15, 2020

#44 How to Regulate States of the Nervous System | Marin McCue

#44 How to Regulate States of the Nervous System | Marin McCue

What do you do now when you notice yourself in an activated or shut down response mode?  Many times when we empaths/HSP's stress out our bodies do not get a chance to recover.  We end up taking on even more stress without thinking of the consequences and the havoc it may cause on our nervous system.  

My guest Marin Mccue talks about her personal struggles dealing with stress while playing basketball at San Diego State University on a full-ride scholarship. She talks about her debilitating existential crisis and how she overcame 20 years of a downward spiral in mental health at the age of 31.   Marin will also talk about the Nervous System and how it can throw us off if not regulated.  As someone diagnosed with ADHD, Marin explains how you can mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine.  

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