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Nov. 11, 2020

#43 Making Sense of Narcissistic Abuse | Yitz Epstein

#43 Making Sense of Narcissistic Abuse | Yitz Epstein

There seems to be no shortage of narcissists in the world today.  Where do they come from and how does one develop narcissistic traits in the first place? In this episode, we will take a deeper dive into answering many questions by my guest, Yitz Epstein a narcissistic expert. 

The victims who have been subjected to narcissistic abuse, especially in the early developmental years, have issues with control, authority figures, and criticism well into adulthood.  In this episode, my guest Yitz talks about some of the best ways to protect yourself against narcissists in greater detail including the typically toxic behaviors to look out for.  A must-listen for all the Empaths & HSPs!    

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