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Oct. 31, 2020

#39 How to Move Beyond Guilt & Shame | Zack Mathers

#39 How to Move Beyond Guilt & Shame | Zack Mathers

We all make mistakes in life and no one is perfect in this world. It takes a special person to own up to their past mistakes in life and start all over after losing his wife, kids, and his job after making some bad really decisions.  My guest, Zach Mathers is a recovering alcoholic and turned his life around after committing adultery.  Zach explains how he dealt with all the guilt and shame until he finally decided to take responsibility for his actions once and for all. He now shares it with the world to help others.

He now helps individuals realize they are not alone in their struggles offering hope to those that may have given up on life. Zach has three amazing kids and an amazing marriage with his wife of 15 years.  He runs a non-profit working with the foster kids in Hawaii called Village of Hope with his wife.  Tune into this episode to see how Zack healed from the past and how he found his true identity. It can be done! 

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