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Oct. 28, 2020

#38 Back The Blue: Serving The Cause Greater Than Yourself | Devin

#38 Back The Blue: Serving The Cause Greater Than Yourself | Devin

How often do you come across a person who does the right thing when no one is looking and asks nothing in return day in and day out?   In this bonus episode, I had the great honor of speaking to a female police officer named Devin.  She gives us a closer look at her life behind the badge as a female police officer. Devin is fully transparent about her past and talks about how she developed her mental toughness from childhood & compassion to serve others before herself like most empaths. She will talk about her past tragic stories and how she's able to keep a strong mindset dealing with the stressors of her job as a police officer.  Hopefully, we can break the stigma of police officers in this country, as you'll see the majority are just trying to do their best for the great good of society.

Devin is a police officer in Wisconsin and a former EMT and dispatcher. She has approximately 7 years of public service under my belt. She also grew up in a Navy family and had the amazing opportunity of living overseas and also moving to different parts of the US.  She has a cute dog named Jackjack also.

Back The Blue

(Bonus Episode)

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