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Dec. 13, 2021

#126 How Somatic Approaches Can Help in Trauma Recovery | Marina Yanay-Triner

#126 How Somatic Approaches Can Help in Trauma Recovery | Marina Yanay-Triner

My next guest Marina is the compassionate somatic coach and a trauma-informed coach. She works with people who are disengaged with life, burnt out and checked out, to support them in experiencing more joy and aliveness in their lives.

As a trauma-informed coach, Marina works with clients to go deep into the roots of behavioral patterns that hold them back from experiencing life to its fullest, looking at childhood-rooted beliefs, emotions, behavioral patterns, and the unconscious to create massive transformation. Marina forms a powerful and deep partnership with her clients in which they use body-based somatic approaches to support a connection back to the body, strengthen their connection with their instincts and intuition, and flourish! In this episode we take a deeper dive on all the different aspects of trauma and pain. Tune in!

Website: www.marinayt.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/marina.y.t


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