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Nov. 16, 2021

#120 The Value of Working With a Psychic Medium| Dr. Clark

#120 The Value of Working With a Psychic Medium| Dr. Clark

Have you considered working with a medium or psychic but your skepticism has prevented you from moving forward?

Have you experienced a spiritual awakening due to trauma?

Do you feel like you have no one to talk with about your spiritual curiosities and experiences?

If you answered yes to any of these know you're not alone. My guest Dr. Danielle Clark and I proudly explore the metaphysical. She worked with many industry leaders at companies such as Under Armour, Coca-Cola, Philips Healthcare and Nationwide. In her career, Dr. Clark  gave hundreds of talks on a wide variety of topics to nonprofit companies, for profit companies and universities. Topics include: employee engagement, impostor syndrome, healing from trauma, overcoming adversity and spirituality.

We debunk myths about mediums and psychics. We share important tips about how you can lean into spirituality. And we explore the metaphysical possibilities that open up when we heal.

Dr. Danielle is a psychic medium, intuitive coach, business professor and writer. To learn more about Dr. Danielle, visit her website at www.drdanielleclark.com. While there, be sure to check out her weekly blog and if it calls to you, sign up for her newsletter filled with inspiring stories, affirmations, writing prompts and more. You can also find her on Instagram @DrDanielleClark

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Danielle visit www.drdanielleclark.com. Listeners will receive $15 off their first appointment by using Coupon Code: RAJ


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