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Nov. 1, 2021

#116 The Secrets to Maintaining Health After Trauma | Danielle West

#116 The Secrets to Maintaining Health After Trauma | Danielle West

In this episode, we'll discuss how to keep your health after a traumatic experience. There are also other resources available to help trauma victims  so make sure you stick around till the very end! We'll go over the next steps in helping our society heal, and why it's vital for empaths in particular.

Danielle West MA LPC, my distinguished guest, is a trauma/dissociation specialist who is also trained in EMDR. She is currently engaging with programs to support the Workforce Commission as well as non-profit organizations in Texas.. 

Danielle also runs Trauma Detox PLLC, a private practice and consulting firm in Texas that focuses on using cutting-edge treatment for trauma disorders, including cognitive neuroscience, theoretical physics, neurobiology, and the energy waves that influence thought, behavior, mental illness, and disease. She has worked professionally with trauma and dissociation for over two decades and is now the author of a book that includes tools and a systematic approach for repairing the harm caused by trauma. She believes that rehabilitation is a universal need, thus the book has been translated into Spanish to aid the board crisis in America as well as all Spanish speakers; she aims to translate it into more languages in the future.

Walking on Water

Contact Info 

Danielle West MA LPC EMDR CIT

Trauma Disorder Specialist/Consultant


Email: traumadetox@gmail.com

*Elite Coaches Series (ECS)  Danielle is a participant in the Elite Coaches Series. ECS are the experts in their field of study and have the power to influence others all over the world. These are coaches, doctors, healers, therapists, Tedx presenters, and well-known public speakers from around the world! This is based on a variety of variables, including real-world experience, credentials, and other criteria. So, sure, making the cut is a major thing! Please share this episode

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