Jan. 12, 2021

EP 53: Book Reviews (3): E.M. Forster's "Maurice"

EP 53: Book Reviews (3): E.M. Forster's

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The characters we mention here are from the following works: 

-Ardalion, Sam, and Frankie are from "Sam in New York" by Fortunus Games

-Yngvar, Aidan, and Eyolf are from "Lucky Wolf" by Helevorn


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READ Helevorn's Lucky Wolf here on Tapas: https://tapas.io/series/Lucky-Wolf/info


1. What can you tell us about the plot of this book?


2. How does it differ in style from The Picture of Dorian Gray that we discussed last time?


3. The characters. 


4. Important moments. Quotes.


5. Themes: love, social norms and morality, Hellenism and homosexuality, social class


6.  How has the book influenced your characters, style and plots?


7. Maurice was written in 1913 was only published in 1971, right after Forster’s death. How does he explain his decision to not publish it during his life?


8. It is quite an underappreciated book, not the one that Forster is most acclaimed for, even now when the subject matter isn’t as controversial. How has the book been received by critics?


9. This is a book that feels very contemporary in the straightforward and honest narrative style and in the happy ending for Maurice’s love life. In what aspects do you think the book differs from popular representations of homosexuality in fiction nowadays?


9.5. How did the author's personal life influence this book?


10. How much is Forster’s sexuality (held a secret from the public) embedded in his writings?


11. From his biographies, what do you think is Forster’s personal attitude towards romantic relationships and sexuality and how does it compare to that of the 3 main characters of Maurice?

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