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The NiceJob Podcast

The NiceJob Podcast

The Reputation Marketing podcast that helps small business owners handle everyday challenges through conversations with everyday experts. No matter your industry or profession, The NiceJob Podcast can give you the knowledge you need to succeed. Everything you hear will be easy to understand, actionable, and worth every minute.

Recent Episodes

Win, Fight, and Succeed in Business with Tom Reber

Oct. 22, 2021

Tom Reber, author of The Contractor Fight and host of HGTV's Unfinished Business joins The NiceJob Podcast in Episode 64. Tom discusses his new book, why there is no magic lead tree, and how you need to be accountable every …

Challenges or Opportunities - What do you embrace more?

Oct. 15, 2021

Shawn Hill asks our Season 3 guests one question, "What do you embrace more, challenges or opportunities?" Here from Wes McDowell, Seth Donlin, Dean Steinman, Mark Ritter, Bryan Kaplan, Meaghan Likes, Kedma Ough, Curt Kempto…

Make Leadership your Legacy

Oct. 7, 2021

Scaling Coach Bill Gallagher joins The NiceJob Podcast to discuss his leadership flywheel and how you can use it to create a legacy. Power Washing, Window Cleaning, or landscaping - your small business doesn't matter if you …

Small Business Software - Building an Efficient Stack

Oct. 1, 2021

Your small business software can be a vital part of your success. But which small business software is the best? And does that even matter? Royce Ard joins The NiceJob Podcast to talk about what he does with his small busine…

Better Advertising for Small Business with Adam Arkfeld

Sept. 23, 2021

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to have better advertising for small businesses. From law firms to home services if you want better advertising return Adam Arkfeld says to look no further than YouTube adverti…

Open the Door to Sales with your Reputation

Sept. 16, 2021

Your business reputation can be built with more Google reviews or reputation marketing software, but to build your reputation even stronger listen to the words of Jon Szafran. In this episode, Jon tells you how he was able t…