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Feb. 27, 2023

89. 90's R&B volume 1

89. 90's R&B volume 1
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The 90’s was the best decade when it came to great R & B Jams. From Mark Morrison and Janet Jackson, to Prince and Tony Toni Tone, they were dropping smooth grooves and slamming tracks. On this episode Jay, Matt and K.C. are bringing you their picks for some of the best 90’s R & B. Please visit our sponsor- www.BustedTees.com   At checkout use code JASON25945 To receive a fat discount Follow us Online! www.TheMixTapePod.com We are KILLING it over on YouTube with all the Twisted Kid and Rewind Toy goodness you could want! Please take a moment to Subscribe: https://youtube.com/channel/UC01Q55dWT8mYLdjbP-x6GTQ Twitter-  Mix_Tape_Pod Facebook- Tapewroms! Fans of the Mix TapePodcast https://www.facebook.com/groups/1373722583092349 TikTok- Mixtapepod  https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRSG8CVm/ Instagram- https://instagram.com/the_mix_tape_podcast?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= A little love to friends Not A Bomb Podcast- https://www.notabombpodcast.com/ Behind the Funny- https://behindthefunny.libsyn.com/ NOTLP- https://www.facebook.com/notlp/ Scream Queenz- https://www.screamqueenz.com/ Buy some Swag, show us some love- https://yourmixtapepodcast.wixsite.com/mixtapepodcast/general-4 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mixtapepod/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mixtapepod/support