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Not just for athletes and stage performers

I find TMF to be very beneficial in my business. I often listen to TMF while walking or jogging early in the morning. Every podcast is interesting and the messages are often relatable to me and my team. “The 3 Things You Can Do Now…” podcast is on repeat when I’m preparing for big and small events (I’ve also required my children to listen to this one). “Discovering How Living Adventurously…” plays in my head when I don’t feel like exercising and always inspires me to show up 100% of the time. Keep up the good work.

Barton Bryan is the BEST!

I love this podcast. Barton is super motivating and his advise is so accessible. I’m no athlete but I work out on the reg and I care about fitness and that’s all you need to benefit from Barton’s musings, expertise and advise. And these guests! Where does he find these people?!? Wow! I get so much out of one episode I find myself sending the links to friends time and time again. Stay tuned, this guy is so much more a fitness expert and motivational coach. He’s a STAR!

Always inspiring

Barton is legit!! He gets the biggest names in fitness to talk mindset, and their lessons apply inside and outside the gym. I was SO stoked when he interviewed Dustin Poirier’s coach. Such a good episode!! That and the Bethany Shadburne are my favorites so far. Highly recommend!

The Art of High Performance

Barton Bryan feels at home outside the comfort zone. The Mindset Forge explores the concept of Performance—physical, mental, & artistic—and the thoughts & practices that allow people to perform at the highest levels. Barton’s multi-disciplinary expertise allows him to draw insights from guests operating at the highest levels of athletics, fitness, performing arts, management, civic leadership, & humanitarian action. This podcast is insightful, poignant, practical, & extremely engaging. I can’t recommend it enough!

Inspiring and Educational!

The Mindset Forge podcast is great! Bart, the host, is a excellent interviewer. He consistently has top-tier guests, digs in with great questions and a well thought out process that flows smoothly. Solo episodes are just as educational and inspiring. As a lifetime learner and personal development junkie, I value all the knowledge provided in The Mindset Forge. The show will quickly become a regular in your rotation. Thank you, Bart, for providing authentic A+ content.

Wow, love this podcast

Barton not only brings a fresh perspective to athletes & performers.. he also encourages you to be your best self. I always want to be better after listening to his podcasts. 🙌🏽 Always a good listen. 😎

Simply Fantastic

Barton really loves what he does. You can feel his energy and the care behind each episode. The guests that he has had on have been amazing and the different approaches to what got them to the mindset of being great at what they do is enlightening. Barton does such a great job at pulling out not just the good stuff but the struggles his guests have had too. It gives their stories more meaning and makes it seem more relatable and in a way, or at least in my world, gave me hope in my own journey. I love this podcast.

Clear and concise

What I love most about this show is that it gets straight to the point. Actionable tips that actually help you move the needle on your mindset. No fluff. Barton is obviously a clear thinker and it shows on his show.

Great show

I have learned so much from listening to this podcast. Barton is a great host and the guests are great too. Thanks for this!

The Keys to Success

Barton Bryan does a fantastic job of bringing a wide range of highly talented and successful artists, athletes, and business leaders to his audience so we can learn about their journey and gain insight from their story and experience. I continue to enjoy this podcast and highly recommend it.

Best Health & Fitness Podcast

I’ve been listening to the health show for many days now. I know whenever there is a new episode that I’ll be engaged, interested and know that I’m receiving evidence based facts to help improve my health. Thanks for all of your hard work Barton.


I love this podcast. The work barton guy bryan does to provide people with helpful information is fabulous. The presentation is clean and concise and it’s easy for health newbies and long time health nuts to learn new things. Barton guy bryan also provides ideas and ways to implement his suggestions for better health. By the way barton guy bryan , you have the best radio voice in the business. Thank you for helping people

Fantastic Podcast

I really enjoy the guests on the show and hearing about their stories of self discovery and transformations!

Truly incredible journeys

Barton leads us into the history of inspiring guests to learn what shaped their character, motivations, and courage to understand who his guests became. These origin stories remind me of super hero comics. Each unique guest keeps this series exciting and unexpected!

Warms your heart!

Ever wondered how some people overcome life’s challenges to become who they are? This podcast will let you in behind the scenes of people whose mindsets and perspectives help them win in life every day, in spite of their circumstances. Their stories will warm your heart and inspire you. Don’t delay. Get started listening today!

Every Q and A is Gold

Barton is a great interviewer. He gets right down to business in asking important questions for the listener to get powerful nuggets of wisdom right from the start. U will get more from this podcast than 20 others combined.


Can’t wait for the next episode!!

Barton is on to something!

Something about the way he’s been living his life for the past few decades reflects and shines through his voice and questions and people he surrounds himself with. Great stuff!

The Mindset Forge

What a remarkable hour spent with Bart interviewing Matt Gould! Topics ranging from Peace Corps experiences, parenting, what it means to be an artist! I was dazzled and felt like a fly on the wall eavesdropping on two long term friends catching up on two decades of life! I highly recommend taking advantage of this podcast! Peter Grego Retired emeritus Professor of Theatre

Worthwhile listening to!

Barton is more than just an interviewer; his podcasts are real conversations with inspiring people. Interesting, sometimes funny, but always motivational, you will be amazed at these stories from unsung heroes. Worthwhile listening!

Energy, Passion and Risk

Mindset Forge conversations are windows into the lives of outstanding achievement-driven people- each story pretty inspirational because these are relatable everyday people. It’s really about creating the energy and courage to follow your passion, and asking yourself “what is my legacy?”

Inspiring interviews of regular people who do amazing things

I love this new podcast! The host is warm and insightful and his guests are fascinating and inspiring. I can’t wait to hear more!

Great inspiring interviews!

Barton has awesome guests that are filled with great nuggets of knowledge and inspiration to get you filled with a positive momentum! I love how he showcases how everyday people can rise above their circumstances and do INCREDIBLE things!

So motivating and inspirational!

I stumbled across this podcast and I am so glad I did. Bart is an incredible interviewer and I am already hooked. So looking forward to more excellent content. Thank you!!