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Nov. 9, 2022

Cheryl Carrell - Mom of four finds her Tribe w/ Camp Gladiator & puts in the work to become an Elite Athlete

Cheryl Carrell - Mom of four finds her Tribe w/ Camp Gladiator & puts in the work to become an Elite Athlete

Cheryl and Barton sit down at Austin's premier fitness complex called HIT Athletic to talk about Cheryl's 10-year journey to become an elite competitor.  The mindset shifts she recalls through out her journey will enlighten the listener on the steps to moving in the direction of health, athletic performance, and competitions while still keeping a firm grasp on the importance of God and family.   

Cheryl’s been married for more than 20 years, has 4 kids from elementary to high school age, and was a former teacher and gymnastics coach.

She became a competitive athlete in her mid 30’s. Among these competitive accomplishments:

- Several OCRs like Spartan,
-  Her team "Heart of Texas came in 2nd place in the TV show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.
-  Competed in 5 Hyrox races. In 2020, she competed individually and won her open women's division.  4x competed on mixed doubles team with Eddie Esparza, finishing 2nd place three times and getting 7th when they competed in World Championships in Las Vegas in May 2022.
- 8x CG Games competitor.
- her 1st time, her team finished 4th -  2014
-  In 2015, her team  finished 2nd place
- In 2016,  her team took home first prize
- 1st time as an individual in 2017, she won 1st place,
- In 2018. she got 2nd place
- In 2019, won 1st place again
- Team won 1st in 2021

💥 - And, her team is competing in 2022 CG games on Nov 12th and then will travel to Dallas, TX for the Hyrox Dallas 2022 National Qualifier. 

Cheryl is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist through ISSA. She loves people, and helping them/ making connections etc. She enjoys just about everything that’s outside, so she spends as much time as possible in the outdoors.

She says “outside is the best side.” 😉

Cheryl competes November 12th at CG Games Finals in Austin and then

For more information about CG Games finals, visit: https://campgladiator.com/programs/cg-games

For more information about Hyrox, visit:

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