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The Mindset Forge Podcast

The Mindset Forge Podcast

The interview-style podcast focuses on successful athletes and performing artists who've learned how to show up for the big moments of performance. Through the interviews, we discover how to show up for the biggest moments of our lives.

Recent Episodes

Sports Psychologist Dr. Shinitzky describes the steps to a Champion Mindset

June 29, 2022

Subscribe to the Mindset Forge Newsletter: https://bit.ly/3xKWAqN Barton and Harold enjoy a lively discussion about the 15 steps to a Champion Mindset. Some of the topics include: the habits and focus of high level athletes…

Opera Singer Dr. Katherine Jolly shares how high-level singers are vocal athletes.

June 22, 2022

Subscribe to the Mindset Forge Newsletter: https://www.podpage.com/the-mindset-forge-podcast/ Dr. Katherine Jolly sits down with Barton Bryan to discuss her career as a Opera Singer and her work helping aspiring singers over…

3x Olympic Gold Medalist Brendan Hansen explains how to turn Failures into the Fuel for Success!

June 15, 2022

To Schedule your 20 minute call with Mindset Forge host Barton Bryan, Click Here: https://bit.ly/3NVdqKn Want to support the Mindset Forge Podcast by tipping three bucks a month? Tip the Mindset Forge podcast: https://themin…

The Early Days of CrossFit, Getting his Ego in check, and the importance of Recovery w/ Jeremy Thiel

June 8, 2022

Jeremy was an early adopter of CrossFit back in 2005 and began his journey as a coach and CrossFit Games competitor from 2007 - 2015 and an individual and on a team. He is married with three kids and he and his sister own C…

Make Emotional Stability the Foundation that Helps you reach your Biggest Goals w/ IFBB Pro Mikaela Lindsey

June 1, 2022

In this episode, Barton and Mikaela sat down at Big Tex Gym in North Austin to talk about her mindset and how she's reached IFBB Pro status in the Women's Physique division. Mikaela opens up about her early struggles with b…

Developing Strong Internal Motivations Leads to becoming more Elite at Sport and Life w/ Andrew de Anda

May 25, 2022

Barton and Andrew discuss his mindset as an athlete at various times of his life. Currently in his late thirties, Andrew is happily married, a father of two, and a high-level Regional Director with Camp Gladiator. In the i…

Discover how a Woman's menstrual cycle should be considered when programming strength and recovery w/ Raquel McAfee

May 18, 2022

in this episode, Barton and Raquel discuss how she supports women to find long term success by addressing nutrition, sleep, stress, and working out based on the timing of their 28-day menstrual cycle. She shares key insight…

Foundations Episode: Understanding the Importance of Mind and Body Considerations to be our Best.

May 11, 2022

In this Solo-cast episode, Barton talks about how we have to consider the body as well as the mind when striving for our goals. Willing ourselves toward a goal with the best of intentions will only take us so far and we mus…