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Jan. 21, 2023

Walking with Wisdom, an interview with Karen Jones Meadows

Helping people through on theri spiritual journey through creativity and spirit

In this episode of the podcast, I interview Karen Jones Meadows. Karen is a transformation catalyst and award-winning artist creating in the arenas of theatre, mass media, and visual art. We speak about intuition, ritual, and art as tools to transform your life and coming into the fullness of your being by aligning with your true nature and desires. Karen believes that Earth is a playground and we can learn our Earth life lessons through positive experiences. Combining her spirituality, her connection to the light, her practical skills and her creativity, she shares bigger artworks like her plays, her upcoming book and visual artworks with the world on a grander scale, and she helps people through on their spiritual journey one on one too.

About Karen jones Meadows: A “practical psychic,” she works individually with people to effect lasting change and facilitates empowering workshops for participants of every age and background. Karen recently launched PLAY FOR LIFE, Fire-Up Your Fun, Freedom, & Flourish, a personalized series of emailed action-adventures and one-on-one intuitive support sessions that helps each person navigate and embody the maze and amazement that is their unique life. Connect with Karen at her website: https://www.karenjonesmeadows.com/

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