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Jan. 14, 2023

Inspired by the Celtic Goddess & Saint Brigid and the Divine Feminine, an Interview with Kathleen Joan

We explore Brigid, the personification of and a personal god, the divine feminine & inclusivity

Kathleen Joan is a theologian and reiki practitioner inspired by the Celtic goddess and Saint, Brigid & the eternal flame that she tended. Focused on the divine feminine & inclusivity, we spoke about Bridgid, the personification of and a personal god, the divine feminine, inclusivity, how Kathleen came to do this work and more.

She is a priestess of Brigid committed to the resurrection of the Divine Feminine, especially within her own Catholic Christian tradition. She holds Master’s degrees in theology and ministry and has over 10 years of ministry experience, including directing retreats, teaching classes on religion and spirituality, and leading small group spiritual communities. She offers spiritual direction and Reiki energy healing for all genders, as well as women’s circles and retreats, to help you claim your sacredness in the image of the Divine Mother and take your place in the Great Rebalancing that is happening in today’s world.

Kathleen is a regular contributor to Mindful Soul Center magazine. You can read her articles, listen to her meditation or watch the replay of her recent workshop here:

How to resurrect the goddess.

Sound and Silence meditation.

Embodying God the Mother, When You’re Not a Mom

Goddess Rituals and Reiki Healing, here.

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Learn more about the Celtic Goddess and Saint:

St Bride or ST Brigit, Saint Brigid of Kildare or, in Welsh, Ffraid

Saint Brigid’s Day or Imbolc, is celebrated on the 1st of February.

Saint Brigid's Day is a Gaelic traditional festival that marks the beginning of spring, and it is the feast day of Saint Brigid, Ireland's patron saint.

The eternal or perpetual flame

A sacred fire burned in Kildare, reaching back into pre-Christian times. Priestesses used to gather on the hill of Kildare to tend their ritual fires while invoking a goddess named Brigid to protect their herds and to provide a fruitful harvest. Read about the history of the perpetual flame on the Kildare website here.

She is linked to: Sunlight, fire, forging/smithing, wells, water and healing. Read about her story on Mythopedia here, or on Kathleen’s blog here.

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