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March 13, 2021

13 - Michelle Murray

13 - Michelle Murray
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For this episode, I sit down with Michelle Murray, a former soldier and veteran of OIF I, (that's Operation Iraqi Freedom phase one, or the invasion of Iraq). We talked about dealing with our Arab allies and their biased views of women, how to talk to your kids when you're a military parent, and she filled me on what happened to the famous 507th Maintenance Company.

This episode supports the Veterans Business Association in El Paso, Texas. They support veterans in two ways. First they help veterans who own their business, or vets who are looking to start a business, with education and access to critical resources. Second, they assist vets in the community, and make sure that the business community is working to aid veterans in crisis.

You can find out more about Michelle at her website, or listen to her interview with StoryCorps.