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The Power of Two To Build Your Personal and Company Brand
The LinkedIn Branding Show

The LinkedIn Branding Show

The LinkedIn Branding Show podcast empowers entrepreneurs, experts, and businesses on how to use personal and business branding on LinkedIn to win dream clients and land industry opportunities outside of the often talked about LinkedIn clichés.

Join your hosts, Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond, aka #MichelleSquared, for fun and real conversations plus actionable takeaways with a community of powerful and impactful professionals looking to grow with a "good together" approach to personal and business branding.

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Recent Episodes

How to Escape the LinkedIn Feed Echo Chamber with Your Personal Brand Content: Why Same is Lame and Keeps You Held Back and Hidden

Feb. 2, 2023

IN THIS EPISODE: When you play it safe with your content, you risk blending in the sea of sameness. We detail why your unique point of view (POV) is the fastest way to stand out from the 1000s of others in your field. We als…

How and Why You Should Use "LinkedIn as Your Launching Pad" to Amplify Your Brand for Greater Industry Opportunities

Jan. 26, 2023

IN THIS EPISODE: As Michelle B Griffin (M1) always says, "LinkedIn is Your Launching Pad." How do you become known for one thing to get traction for bigger things to come? We share the "stair-step" process to get traction, b…

How Your Business Brand Can Drive Thought Leadership and Stand Out with this New LinkedIn Feature + Bonus Review of Our BrandSquared System

Jan. 19, 2023

IN THIS EPISODE: The Power of Two is even greater with this new LinkedIn feature to double your brand awareness.. We break down the benefits (and a big "no-no") for long-term growth using this new update and a review of our …

The ONE Thing that Makes a Bad First Impression in the LinkedIn DMs for Your Personal Brand: We Get a Bit Gritty Again :)

Jan. 12, 2023

IN THIS EPISODE: You may not realize this, but the way you handle LinkedIn connection requests (and replies) in the box speaks volumes about your personal brand. We share the good, bad and ugly on how this can go awry and le…

How the "Pay it Forward" Method Will Jumpstart Your Personal Brand and Community On LinkedIn

Jan. 5, 2023

IN THIS EPISODE: Season 2 kicks off with this episode all about paying it forward to build your brand and community. LinkedIn runs on the Law of Reciprocity, which helps you pay it forward and see the "karma" of your good de…

How to Know What Works (and What Doesn't) For Your Personal Brand Going into a New Year on LinkedIn

Dec. 29, 2022

IN THIS EPISODE: What has your brand been about this year? Is it 100 % aligned with who you are or want to grow into in the coming year? We share our stories and struggles of peeling back the layers and getting unstuck and h…