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Top Tier Capital Founder David York on 30 Years in Venture | E49

David York, Founder of Top Tier Capital Partners, sits down with David Weisburd to discuss Top Tier Capital's history of success, the value of partnership, and generational transfers. They also delve into their experiences with Limited Partners, the risks and rewards of backing GP "spinouts", and share reflections on David York’s 30 years in the VC industry.

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(0:00) Episode Preview
(3:06) How Top Tier Capital Has Grown AUM
(5:25) Improving Economic Development and Tech Growth in Europe
(10:06) Effective Partnership Approach and Generational Transfers
(13:54) Navigating Relationships with Limited Partners
(14:38) Sponsor: Deel
(16:38) Risks and Value of Backing Venture Capital "Spinouts"
(21:29) Reflections on Being in Venture Capital Since 1993
(24:13) The Future of Tech and Top Tier's Outlook
(25:23) 10X Capital Podcast Newsletter
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