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Founding GLG and Growing it into a $600 Million Revenue Powerhouse — Mark Gerson | E50

Mark Gerson sits down with David Weisburd to discuss founding GLG and growing it into a $600 million revenue powerhouse, 3i and its community of world-class private investors and the importance of an ROI driven approach to non-profit work.

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@markgerson (Mark Gerson)
@dweisburd (David Weisburd)
Mark Gerson: Mark Gerson | LinkedIn
David Weisburd: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dweisburd/
3i: 3iMembers
United Hatzalah: Medical Mission: Saving Lives in Israel with United Hatzalah (israelrescue.org)
African Mission Healthcare: Homepage - African Mission Healthcare
GLG: The World's Expert Insight Network | GLG (glginsights.com)
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(0:00) Introduction and discussion on building a marketplace business
(1:29) Founding and growth of GLG
(5:58) Importance of transactions and relationships in business
(7:49) Role of Africa Mission Healthcare
(10:24) The importance of an ROI driven approach to non-profit work
(17:25) Sponsor: Deel
(18:08) Impact and habit of giving
(20:44) Business model of United Hatzalah and concept of habitual giving
(22:18) Importance of relationships and advice on living a fulfilling life
(24:29) Reflection on the interview with Mark Gerson and announcement of the 10X Capital Podcast Newsletter