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The Leaders of Aviation

The Leaders of Aviation

The aviation industry is responsible for so much, from bridging countries, continents, and cultures, to making international trade possible. We all know the big names in aviation, from Boeing to Duncan, but what about all the mom-and-pop aviation businesses? The Leaders of Aviation podcast is here to give a voice to those very people. Interviewing aviation small business owners and other aviation personnel, we’ll hear their stories and get a glimpse into their world. Through these stories of triumphs as well as setbacks, we hope to inspire the current and next generation.

Recent Episodes

Ep 21: Atom Miller - CEO of 69 Cards Co, Coach and Mentor, Web Developer

May 31, 2022

If anyone is equipped to be a coach and mentor, it’s Atom Miller. He’s had a number of curveballs in life that forced him to pivot and dig deep. Over a course of 5 years Atom went through a divorce, lost his brother, and l…

Ep: 20 Why Accounting for your Company is so Important with Mike Howard, Founder of JetSetter

May 18, 2022

Mike Howard has been in sales since 6th grade; being an entrepreneur was in his blood. In his adult years he helped to grow other people’s companies before he decided to grow his own. Mike was inspired to start a cleaning …

Ep: 19 Gabe Muller; Entrepreneur, Connector, Cirrus Owner, and Smokehouse Pilots Founder

May 10, 2022

Gabe Muller is the a entrepreneur, connector, owner of Muller Consulting Services, a private pilot, and founder of Smokehouse Pilots. His story is a great mix of business and aviation. Graduating with an accounting degree, …

Ep: 18 Andrew Sayles is the CEO of Ladopoly

May 3, 2022

Andrew knew about crypto from his early days in online poker, but didn’t really buy in until 2017. Andrew Sayles is the CEO of Ladopoly, a play-to-earn game in the NFT space. In the fashion of Monopoly, game players earn L…

Ep: 17 Vance Hilderman - CEO and CTO of AFuzion, The World’s Largest Aviation and Safety-Critical Services Companies

April 27, 2022

Growing up, Vance Hilderman dreamed of being in the Naval Academy. He passed all his tests with flying colors, but had less than perfect vision. Because of this, he was told he could only be a navigator. Vance denied the of…

Ep 16: Chief Crypto Officer Dolan Waite of Lively Aviation and the Eagle Pilots NFT Project

April 19, 2022

Jeff’s friend and business partner, Dolan Waite, is the Chief Crypto Officer for Lively Aviation. He had humble beginnings as a child, living in a single wide with holes in the floor. At age 7 his stepdad blew up their hou…