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Love to nerd out with these hilarious ladies. They are so informative and funny. It's like hanging out with my super funny friends. The topics are enthralling and it's just a blast!! A must listen!! Laura

Love my fellow nerdy girls!

Great to hear other girls who love to nerd out! Keep up the great work!

Great nerdy podcast!

Great podcast to get your nerd on to! The Kinda Nerdy Girls definitely make this podcast a great listen! Their banter and tangents will keep you lauging the whole time they grace your ear holes! Highly recommended! (Fortress of Fandom Podcast)


Host are informative and descriptive! Very entertaining and the hosts have excellent chemistry! Funny and I love the Marvel facts! Looking forward to more episodes!


Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast

Great banter n interesting conversation!

I absolutely love this show! They have such fun listenable conversation about all the best movies, television, and games. Kj has the best sound effects ever, and is really involved in the entertainment industry so it’s really fun to hear the stories! Super glad I found this show.

Great Humor Comes with Great Hosting!

KJ and Katie are hilarious. That should be enough to convince you to listen. If it isn't, then just know that they cover a lot of nerdy stuff from who will be the new Batman to that new nerd film you've been hearing about and more. And they do it by giving their honest opinions with a heavy dose of…


This is my new favorite podcast! ❤️

Great show

Love listening to their takes on different things and their special effects are amazing.

Hilarious with great synergy!

All my nerdy updates in one place while making it fun—and professionally cut! My usual searches for this info (YouTube) usually Aren’t funny, Aren’t organized, and are usually just ‘hosts’ who like to hear themselves talk...which doesn’t describe KJ, for the most part :- p. Enjoy!

Great podcast!

KJ and crew are a really fun podcast! They know their stuff, but also puts a great spin on it and very funny. Highly Recommend!

Kinda nerdy and completely awesome!

These girls talk all things nerdy and are hilarious! What are you waiting for, subscribe now.