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Aug. 27, 2020

Keep Writing

Keep Writing
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As the coronavirus has surged across the United States, so have racist attacks against Asian Americans.

My guest this week is Jennifer Chen (@jchenwriter), a freelance journalist who has written two articles calling attention to this issue, drawing in part from her personal experiences. This isn’t the first time that Jenn has woven her personal experience into her writing on larger issues. A few years ago, she wrote an incredibly honest and moving piece about having a miscarriage that ended up going viral.

I wanted to have Jenn on the show to talk about these experiences and issues, but also about the purpose of writing in times of personal or collective crisis. Why is writing important? Why does telling our stories matter?

This episode starts with serious topics, but Jenn is a lot of fun, and by the end of the conversation we’re talking about pieces on good neighbors, her new Joy Ride newsletter, and more.


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