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May 25, 2022

81) Building Your Purposeful, Passion Filled Life: What Lights Paul Up?

81) Building Your Purposeful, Passion Filled Life: What Lights Paul Up?

Today I have a very special surprise for you. Rather than the usual guest conversations, where I bring on an expert to talk on a specific topic, on today’s episode I’m actually the one being interviewed.

I was recently on the “make your course great” podcast, hosted by Kate Nash. Kate is an expert in marketing and course creation, and on her show she interviews coaches and course creators, so she had me on to talk about my new course “Quit quitting: the Proven System to Building Your Purposeful, Passionate Life.” In this episode, Kate helps me break down my course, and understand who needs it, and how I can best serve my clients, and the world.

This is a great “peek behind the curtain,” to get to see a little bit about what goes on in my head, and what I’m up to. This was recorded a few weeks ago, and I’ve actually already launched the first iteration of the course, which you’ll hear Kate talk about, and it’s going amazingly, and the participants are getting so much value out of it.

I think this episode will be extremely valuable for you, because we dig into the logic and thought processes I use to help my clients get life-changing results.


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