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May 26, 2021

30) "Embracing Opportunity" w Adam Hameed

30) "Embracing Opportunity" w Adam Hameed

Having spent nearly a decade in the health and fitness space as a professional, I feel that I have a pretty good radar when it comes to detecting BS. That's why when I meet someone who shoots it straight, and comes correct with facts, and real actionable advice, I always take note. Adam Hameed is one of those people, and over the last few months I have really enjoyed connecting with him and speaking with him on the Clubhouse app, so I knew this would be a good talk. 

Get ready to get motivated, and hear some no BS advice on how to live a healthy, happy life.

Some key points:

3:05- Calling out BS in the fitness industry

6:05- Understanding anecdotal evidence vs scientific facts

9:30- Adam's nutrition pet peeve

13:30- Getting more tools in your fitness/nutrition tool belt

17:00- Outside the box thinking and learning from being wrong

22:00- How Adam's 20+ year martial arts career has helped shape his life

30:10- Embracing opportunity

31:35- Goals vs expectations

36:30- Finding happiness

41:30- Adam's action step


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