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Dec. 10, 2021

Tom Allen, Founder & CEO, The AI Journal

Tom Allen, Founder & CEO, The AI Journal

Welcome to our next episode with Tom Allen. Tom is an AI enthusiast with a passion for telling stories about awesome technology and how it will help people. Tom built The AI Journal from his bedroom in late Feb 2020. Have a background in marketing and a keen interest for understanding why people buy from certain companies. The AI Journal currently serves startups, SMEs, and publicly traded companies with research & advisory, Award programmes, & consulting services. The AI Journal and Tom have been featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, VentureBeat, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Reuters since it was founded less than two years ago. The AI Journal has been labelled as the fastest-growing new media company 'you need to watch' and ‘most admired media brand’. Alongside this Tom is a Board Advisor to Alphalake AI. Alphalake AI supports the healthcare sector by giving a better Digital Patient Experience through RPA and Intelligent Automation. He love's to take calculated risks while protecting the downside. Always enter a situation with all his energy. Always optimistic. Love to read books and learn from other peoples mistakes. Results focussed and value-driven with an obsession on high output. Love to give back and help people such as yourself at every opportunity I get. His favourite quote he always aim to live his life by is “Giving is the secret to living". Great episode with an inspiring guest and a great example for anyone starting their own venture, with some very authentic and real examples of what Tom has been through to-date. Enjoy!

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