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April 14, 2021

Mike Wimmer, "The Real Tony Stark"

Mike Wimmer, "The Real Tony Stark"

At just 12, Mike Wimmer is already being called the real Tony Stark and the Musk, Jobs, and Gates of his generation. Mike recently made worldwide press for graduating from both high school and college in the same week. His work in artificial intelligence and machine learning gained the attention of the military. To date, Mike has completed six contracts with the United States Special Operations Command, receiving numerous awards for his efforts.

Additionally, Mike has been invited to speak at conventions, schools, and podcasts, including Mensa, IEEE Berlin, DataRobot’s More Intelligent Tomorrow Series, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Mike has also presented and been a technical instructor at the International NAO Robotics Congress.

Mike learned the value of perseverance at an early age navigating through a world not equipped for profoundly gifted students. Realising there is always more than one way to reach a goal allows Mike to view the world with a nothing is impossible attitude. 

Mike learned his robotic and programming knowledge through trial and error, books and videos, and online documentation. His desire to help others motivated Mike to become an entrepreneur with a goal of “building technology that enables people to live better lives.” He has started two technology companies, the first at seven years old, Next Era Innovations. His most recent start-up, Reflect Social, provides an easy and fun codeless integration platform for IoT devices that anyone can use.

When not attending school, scaling a company, or working for the military, Mike can be found SIM racing with friends, playing with Legos and Hotwheels, and on the weekends, you will likely find him in the paddock of an IMSA Sportscar race.

This was a wonderful episode and hope this inspires many more of my audience with your son's and daughter's to go the extra mile and see what they can achieve while on this planet. It's a topic I will be discussing with my sons, Ben & James this weekend for sure.

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