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Feb. 2, 2022

Iskren Kulev, Co-Founder & CEO, Kindlink

Iskren Kulev, Co-Founder & CEO, Kindlink

Iskren is on a mission - KindLink - the social network for sustainable businesses and transparent non-profits, Iskren Kulev is the co-founder and CEO of KindLink, the online platform where businesses and charities connect and manage their corporate social responsibility, fundraising, volunteering, donor Customer Relationship Management, and measure and share their sustainability impact. He has a background in FinTech, and he holds an MBA from Henley, one of the top 5 UK business schools. Through his work with KindLink, Iskren has received coverage from international news outlets such as the BBC and Bloomberg TV. Founded in 2015, KindLink started as a movement to bring greater transparency to the charity sector, and help entities in the space attract more donations. It evolved into the go-to place for companies that are looking to manage their CSR and find more causes worthy of support in the process, as well as empower their team to place doing good at the core of their work life. KindLink also offers extensive support for charities in all their endeavours - from fundraising to attracting new supporters through the newly-launched marketplace for opportunities. KindLink has a current ecosystem of over 1,300 charities around the world. KindLink has a board of four directors and is led by Iskren Kulev, CEO and Founder. Wonderful episode with Iskren where he shares his journey from zero to today, and the peaks and valleys of his own personal path to success. Iskren and Kindlink have also very kindly agreed to provide their platform for my Motor Neurone Disease Association Charity Fundraise, which I announced on my Birthday in April 2021. This will allow me to collect donations to raising £1M [$1.4M] for MNDA during the 2022 and 2023 period with a series of challenges and events to raise awareness and critical funding on research and to help individuals and families affected by MNDA. MND was the condition that took my father, Ray to the next life 16 years ago and I am proud to be given a place to run the London Marathon in October 2022 to honour his life and this mission #1MMND. Thank you Iskren and enjoy the episode!

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