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Dec. 8, 2021

Guy Rigby, The Entrepreneurs' Adviser & Rower, The Entrepreneur Ship with David Murray

Guy Rigby,  The Entrepreneurs' Adviser & Rower, The Entrepreneur Ship with David Murray

We are so pleased to release today's episode of The G&T Sessions Podcast show with Guy Rigby. Vision. Ambition. Enthusiasm and Determination. These are some of the qualities Guy most admires. As an entrepreneurial adviser with a financial background and a restless spirit, he has been lucky to spend almost all his life advising founders and management teams of growing, SME businesses. It’s been a stimulating journey, encompassing many exciting success stories. In terms of experience, he has been the senior partner of two accountancy firms, a managing director, a finance director, a sales and marketing director, a charity trustee, an executor, a chairman and a non-executive director. In 2010 he decided to write it all down. Guy’s book, “From Vision to Exit – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building and Selling a Business” received wide critical acclaim, becoming one of Amazon’s best-selling business books when it was published in 2011. He now split my time between chairing and promoting the Entrepreneurial Services Group at Smith & Williamson, and running his own advisory and mentoring business, “The Entrepreneurs’ Adviser”. In two days from today, 10h December 2021, Guy and David Murray will attempt to break the record for the oldest pair to row across the Atlantic. With a combined age of 124, they will compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, to make a successful East/West crossing in under 60 days. The Entrepreneur Ship purpose is to promote entrepreneurship in all its aspects and to raise funds for a charity focusing on supporting young and aspiring entrepreneurs who are or who are seeking to create sustainable, socially responsible businesses which support both local and global communities. Most Atlantic crossings are made by teams of four and take about 30-40 days. Rowing as a pair, however will make life far more challenging, increasing each individual's responsibilities and substantially lengthening the crossing. The Entrepreneur Ship will depart from La Gomera (an island just to the west of Tenerife) in December 2021. The destination will be Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua, arriving sometime in February 2022. Personally, I took a great inspiration from this episode with Guy & David’s mission and have kindly been allowed to sponsor Lily, The Entrepreneur Ship. The Unleash Your Unicorn brand is proudly on the bow of Lily, #UnleashYourUnicorn is a community launching in Q1 2022 for Tech Founders who need help to take their amazing ideas to impact. If you are interested in joining the community see the link below. Guy like myself, firmly and passionately believes in innovation & entrepreneurship and I can relate wholeheartedly to Guy’s motto - "If it isn't broken, break it" - there's always a better way. Such a great episode and an amazing mission for Guy and David. Gods speed and safe passage and wish you all the best with the row to the finish in Antigua.

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Link to YouTube video of recent training in Dartmouth - https://youtu.be/KfUqfJyjtxY