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March 23, 2023

Six Figure Strategies: How to Network And Leverage Real Estate Relationships And Get More Referrals with Crystal Brady

Six Figure Strategies: How to Network And Leverage Real Estate Relationships And Get More Referrals with Crystal Brady
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How to Network And Leverage Real Estate Relationships And Get More Referrals

In the world of real estate, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition and build a successful business. But for Crystal Brady, a local real estate agent and expert in the Greater Tampa Bay area, building a successful business is all about relationship building. On a recent episode of the Freedom Chasers Six Figure Strategies Podcast, Crystal shared her experiences on how she built her business largely based on events and achieved success through relationship building.

Crystal shared that her first event was a happy hour in a bar and restaurant where she invited past clients to come together. Although she was nervous, she solicited the help of sponsors to cover the costs, marketed the event, and invited people, including two couples who were friends of her parents. The turnout was good, and two things happened: the two couples who attended became her clients, and her sponsors covered most of the costs. Crystal emphasized that business can come from anywhere, and relationship building is a powerful tool in real estate.

Over time, Crystal evolved her events to include regular events such as Top Golf and a Christmas party. She also used events such as a Casino Night and a DIY sign-making workshop to entertain clients while keeping the events family-friendly. Crystal plans to host a sunset cruise on a pirate ship in the future. The focus of these events is to build relationships with clients and have fun rather than hosting buyer seminars. She also ensures that the events are family-friendly as many of her clients have children.

Crystal also shared her approach to sending out mailers to her sphere of influence. Instead of just targeting neighborhoods, she sends out just sold and just listed cards to her loyal clients. She sends them out every time she has a closing, and even if some of her clients don't plan on doing any real estate business with her soon, they still text her and say that they appreciate the cards. She believes that it keeps her top of mind and shows her expertise and credibility as an agent. Additionally, she talks about the importance of talking about her success on social media, as it gives her more notoriety and increases her client base.

Crystal also discussed her experience in long-term rental investments and her current venture into short-term rentals. She discussed her strategy of buying properties with mortgages and paying them down systematically to generate income. But for Crystal, focusing on the relationship with clients is key to success. Making everything into a game and stress-free can make people want to spend more time with you. Crystal believes that constantly finding ways to add value to those relationships is critical, and building a successful business is all about building relationships.

In conclusion, Crystal's experience shows that relationship building can be a powerful tool in real estate. By hosting events, sending out mailers, and leveraging social media, she has built a successful business based on trust and connection with her clients. Her focus on relationship building has allowed her to stand out in a competitive industry and build a loyal client base. Ultimately, her success is a testament to the power of building relationships in any business.

Don't forget to reach out to Crystal Brady:

Website: tampabaybrady.com

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@tampabaybrady

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crystalbradyrealtor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tampabaybradyrealtor/

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