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March 23, 2023

How To Create Amazing Short From Contents From Grant Cardone's Editor with Luis Carillo

How To Create Amazing Short From Contents From Grant Cardone's Editor with Luis Carillo
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In today's world, viral videos can be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses and individuals to gain exposure and attract viewers. However, creating viral videos is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of effort and skill to create videos that can grab people's attention and keep them engaged. Luis Carillo, a professional video creator who works with high-profile clients, recently shared his insights on creating viral videos in a podcast interview.

Luis Carillo's journey to becoming a video creator started in high school when he studied marketing. He faced criticism and bullying online, but he persevered and focused on video photography, marketing, and copywriting. He attended marketing events on his own, despite being much younger than other attendees. Over time, he honed his skills and started working with high-profile clients like Grant Cardone and Ryan Pineda to create viral videos that align with their brand.

One of the key insights Luis shared was the importance of being relatable in order to attract viewers. He suggested filming in places like the kitchen or near recognizable store logos to create a more casual and familiar atmosphere. He also mentioned that using weird tactics in videos, such as biting a burrito from the middle, can drive engagement and comments, even negative ones. Luis advised not to care too much about negative comments, but to take note of them in order to understand the platform's culture.

Luis emphasized the importance of a video's intro and how it can determine its success. Clients like Grant Cardone and Ryan Pineda hire them to help structure their videos and come up with attention-grabbing titles that align with their brand. Copywriting principles are used to create titles that are similar to those found in magazine headlines. Luis also discussed how they choose clips from podcasts to make a complete video and how the statement's delivery and confidence play a role in their effectiveness.

Another key insight Luis shared was the importance of storytelling in marketing and how it can be used to convey a message effectively. He emphasized the need to make the story relatable and casual, focusing on the details that would interest the audience. Luis suggested using podcasts to create a comfortable environment for storytelling while not looking directly at the camera.

Luis also discussed the importance of clearly defining the expectations of a client's needs, such as what kind of work is needed, whether stock photography or personal images should be used, and if research is required to add to the video's information. When working with successful business owners who have made a lot of money and have access to various opportunities, Luis emphasized the importance of being respectful and not wasting their time while also being curious and extracting all the necessary information for the videos.

Finally, Luis talked about how he watches a lot of content at fast speeds like 2x and 4x to save time, and how he looks for trigger phrases or shocking statements that stand out. He also recommended studying podcasts and content creators for their interviewing techniques and phrasing of questions. Luis emphasized the importance of paying attention to speakers who deliver their message clearly and make the audience feel something.

In conclusion, Luis Carillo's insights on creating viral videos provide valuable advice for anyone looking to gain exposure and attract viewers. From being relatable to focusing on storytelling, Luis provides practical tips and strategies that can help businesses and individuals create engaging and effective videos that capture people's attention.

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