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Dec. 30, 2020

FGC 002: Dominion - The Game That Started it All

In this episode we cover:

Dominion was designed by Donald X. Vaccarino and published in 2008.  It is the pioneer of the deck-building genre and is considered a modern classic game. Currently ranked #97 overall on BoardGameGeek.

In this episode, Daniel and I explore the classic game of Dominion..here are some highlights:

  • Daniel Wahlen shares his experience and insights with Dominion.
  • We touch on why this is such a classic design.
  • Why you should play this game. 
  • We dive into and discuss some general strategies and tips.
  • You can find Dominion on BoardGameGeek.
  • We talk about the expansive Dominion Wiki Page

Here is a list of resources Daniel Recommends in this episode:

  1.  Premium card sleeves from Mayday
  2. GameGenic sleeves
  3. Card storage solution
  4. The Broken Token storage solutions
  5. Here is an idea for a DIY card storage solution
  6. Organize your cards with this Dominion Tab Generator

note: These are personal preferences and I would recommend you also check out different options that suit your budget, tastes, etc.

--> You can connect with Daniel Wahlen on Instagram @thegametable and BoardGameGeek

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