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July 26, 2022

#185 Helping Children Develop Self-Control (aka The GREATEST Predictor of Future Success)

#185 Helping Children Develop Self-Control (aka The GREATEST Predictor of Future Success)

As a parent, if you knew there was ONE major characteristic which — if developed — would drastically increase your child’s chances of success and happiness, not only now but as an adult… wouldn’t you want to know what it is? 

And wouldn’t you do everything in your power to help your child develop that characteristic?

As parents of seven children, we give a definite ‘Yes!’

We want to know and we want to help them develop it as fully as possible.

Well, researchers have followed a large group of people from childhood into adulthood and they found a common denominator that could predict future success. Children who demonstrated more self-control at age 11 were more likely to be happy, healthy, and successful at age 32.

And the best part is that self-control is a learnable skill. It is a skill that we, as parents, can teach to our children. And it is done in simple ways during interactions on a daily basis.

Listen to this episode to learn simple strategies for helping your children to develop more self-control starting this week!

This episode is sponsored by our Helping Children to Develop Self-Control Workshop. For even more strategies and ideas on how help them develop this important attribute consistently and well, visit the link in the show notes to get access to this Workshop now! Use the coupon code ‘self’ to save 50%!


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