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#179 Travel More? Or Prepare for the Worst? Finding the Middle-Ground Between Risk-Taking and Being Safe & Prepared

May 17, 2022

#179 Travel More? Or Prepare for the Worst? Finding the Middle-Ground Between Risk-Taking and Being Safe & Prepared
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You may have seen or heard that we’re planning a move to Portugal — and hoping to travel while making the transition. We received some questions about this:

“We wouldlove to travel more, even long term, but I am gettingmore hesitant because of predictions about downturns in the economy, warfare, etc.I see a lot of peopleencouraging self-reliance and preparationat this point in time (ie growing and storing your own food). This seems like it would be hard to do while traveling. I want toprotect and provide for my family, but I also see theamazing benefits of traveling as a family. What is your take on these predictions andwhat does your family do to prepare for potential crises?Should these things be taken into consideration when considering where to travel and when? Things have changed so much in the world in just a couple of years!”

We also had some Instagram followers and podcast listeners asking, “How do you decide where to travel or where to LIVE? And how do you go about getting a visa to do that? And didn’t you want to live in a Chateau in France? What happened to that?”

In this episode, we’re going to discuss travel, living abroad, making decisions about WHERE and HOW to live, being safe and preparing for worst-case scenarios, and why ‘following your heart’ (and what that means) is a key piece to this whole life puzzle.

Life IS risk. If you’re going to be alive there is risk in living. You might as well make the most of the risky life you already have. You have to get ‘boots on the ground’ and touch, feel, and experience YOUR LIFE. Truly Live Your While You’re Alive!

But we’re also not promoting unsafe or stupid behavior.So where is that balance found? How do you find the middle ground between risk-taking and being safe and prepared? That's what we discuss in this episode that you don’t want to miss!

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