The Doggy Pod is a weekly podcast with one of Australia’s leading veterinary surgeons Dr Rob Zammit. With producer Stephen Peters, they discuss all things dogs. ‘The doggy pod’ is a must listen for anybody with a four legged furry friend or anyone who just loves dogs. There’s vet tips, training tricks, stories from the vet frontline and unique insights into just why we love them so much.

One of Australia’s leading veterinary surgeons, Dr Rob Zammit, has long had an active interest in the media, particularly as a way of spreading the word on keeping our dogs, happy, healthy and hopefully well trained.
Rob’s practice Vineyard Veterinary Hospital is well known in the dog breeding fraternity as one of the largest breeder practices in Australia. It was voted the leading teaching hospital for the year by The Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney. Rob’s also been a dog trainer for many years and has judged dogs in every state of Australia as well as various overseas appointments. He has lectured in the field of small animal reproduction both in Australia and abroad. Part of his practice involves canine frozen semen, Rob being the first veterinarian to utilise imported canine semen in Australia. Always an avid reader, and after writing a multitude of magazine articles, published “Choosing Your Dog” and “Basic Training” for Universal publications and “101 Answers to Commonly Asked Questions” Dogs, Allen and Unwin.
He’s also been on television and radio on and off for the last thirty years, everything from current affairs to TV drama. One of his earliest appearances was on a current affairs program on channel seven called Terry Willesee Tonight. He was the show’s resident on-camera vet and it’s here he met multi-award winning producer Stephen Peters. They’ve covered many stories during that time including a special covert report where Dr Rob went undercover to track down rogue fishermen on the NSW south coast who were illegally shooting protected seals to stop them eating their catch. Dr Rob even bought a tiger into the channel Seven offices once, an event that very quickly sorted the men from the boys, with the female staff by far the bravest. Stephen went on to produce some of the highest rating and successful shows on television and they’ve been mates ever since.
Over the years Dr Rob and Stephen have worked on a number of personal media projects, born from their mutual love of animals. They even produced a children’s musical DVD and CD (remember them?) called Pet Street. At the heart of everything is strong desire to educate in the most informative and entertaining way possible and their latest venture is no exception. Titled The Doggy Pod, it’s their first venture into the world of podcasts and so far it’s been a great journey. Launched in mid-June with a new episode available every Friday, the show is a mix of training tips, vet advice, a few good yarns and some of Rob’s amazing stories from the vet frontline. They’ve also managed to rope in quite a few of their celebrity mates who own dogs to come on and chat about life with their four-legged furry family member. So far they’ve chatted to Ray Martin, actor Luke Jacobz, Kerri-Anne Kennerley and there’s plenty more to come. Dr Rob is passionate about the importance of looking after our dogs from nutrition to exercise and each new episode will help to educate dog owners everywhere.
The Doggy Pod is available on most podcast platforms like Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and Spotify and like all podcasts, it’s free to listen and subscribe. Both Rob and Stephen are hoping the series will be a success and they have ideas to branch out into other areas, all with the same business mantra; fun, factual, fresh and fury.